Johannes Bode – HMT-Abschlusskonzert

Johannes Bode – HMT-Abschlusskonzert
Dienstag | 12. Februar 2019 | 20:00 Uhr

Strutters Ball

Another thing your most high-hat friends have recently discovered is Strutters Ball, this new most formidable of orchestras. It is barbaric and rhythmic and brassy as jazz ought to be; it is mellow as music ought to be. The drums bang and rattle along like a stomping stampede, the string instruments twang their way through harmonic improbabilities, there are throbbing moans and wah-wahs and outbreaks on the part of the horns, and it is all too much for an impressionable girl.

Gustav Geißler :: alto saxophone, clarinet
Julian Schließmeyer :: trombone, synth
Sebastian Cyliax :: guitar
Stephan Deller :: bass
Johannes Bode :: drums, toys, towels